PSYCHIC and mediumship SESSIONS

Did you know that we are all born with the ability to connect and receive messages from the spirit world? Commonly, due to the stress and the pressures of everyday life many people have lost touch with their intuition. It is Carrie’s soul purpose and passion to help you reconnect with your own intuition and connect to the spirit world.

During a reading Carrie forms a direct and clear channel between the angelic and spiritual realms as a way to provide her clients with the highest possible form of guidance, inspiration and healing.

Carrie believes that everything happens for a reason, whether that is to guide you to a better path or for higher learning. Carrie believes that Earth is the souls class room and that there is always a higher purpose and opportunity for expansion from our experiences.

As an energy healer and teacher, a psychic session with Carrie is also an energetic experience. During a psychic session Carrie is able to weave higher energy frequencies into your aura and energy. Clients often describe their experiences with Carrie has uplifting, amazing and emotional in a good way!

A reading can be a great way to gain understanding about the unique soul and person that you are and also the current circumstances in which you find yourself. A psychic session with Carrie can provide you with a higher level of clarity about your relationships, soul mates, careers, finances, life purpose, health and so much more.

Carrie is also a professional medium and absolutely loves connecting her clients to their loved ones in the spirit world. “I love connecting my clients to their family and friends on the other side and feel blessed to be able to help those earth side remember that their love ones are never far away” - Carrie
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A Psychic Session can help you:
• Understand the purpose and karmic connections involved in your relationships (romantic, family, friendships etc).
• Deepen your understanding of yourself and your own emotions.
• Gain greater insight into your physical, emotional and mental health.
• Receive confirmation of your own intuition and senses.
• Connect with those you have loved and lost.

“Ultimately I want my clients to feel empowered to live their best life imaginable. I love working with spirit to bring through reminders and guidance that inspire my clients to evolve, heal, accept, surrender and soar to new heights." - Carrie


Other services

Kundalini and Angelic Reiki

Moon Gatherings

Meditation Circles

Past Life Past Life Regression Work

Psychic Development Workshops

Psychic and Spiritual Mentoring

0404 807 648
What days and hours do you work?
I work Saturdays through to Wednesdays. Upon request I’m also able to see clients after hours.
I also work at regular weekend psychic fairs throughout the year which I advertise on my Facebook page.  
Where are you located?
I work from my home in the Belconnen area.
My address will be supplied at the time of booking.  
What do you charge? 
I charge $150 for the hour psychic session and also the hour energy session.   
Do you run workshops or psychic development groups?
I run regular workshops throughout the year. For more information stay tuned to my Facebook page.  

Please don't hesitate to contact me to make a booking or for any further information on any of my services.

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