Energy healing is a holistic modality that aims to restore the body’s subtle energy systems back into flow, balance and harmony by shifting any blocks in the way. Energy healing not only removes blockages but also charges the energetic field with positive and high vibration frequencies.

Carrie first became interested in energy healing modalities after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 15 years ago. Feeling disappointed with health care professionals and her long list of medications, Carrie hit rock bottom and decided she had nothing to lose before contacting a holistic practitioner offering healing sessions. It was here that her passion for energy healing and holistic modalities was unearthed.

Carrie felt guided to study energy healing herself after experiencing miraculous transformations in her own life. This fuelled a passion to share these modalities and the life changing benefits with others. Alongside being a one on one practitioner, Carrie also teaches her own energy healing modality in one of her workshops, Awaken Your Inner Healer.

During an energy session Carrie will relax you into a deep mediative state and act as a channel between you and the higher realms. Carrie works with only the highest and purest spirit connections to bring forth healing energy and guidance to her clients.

“I follow the guidance of only the purest beings of light which may include archangels, angels, spirit guides and many other higher beings. These beings watch over you from above and are very much invested in your health and happiness.” - Carrie

Each energy session is completely different and unique depending on what the person requires at that particular time in their life.  Some sessions are uplifting, some are deeply relaxing, some are emotional and profoundly healing.

During a session Carrie uses a range of energy healing techniques that aim to bring the energy body back into flow. Some of these include:

•   Cleansing and clearing a clients energetic field
•   Clearing and balancing the charka system
•   Releasing old or stagnant energy and emotions
•   Unhooking unhealthy cords and attachments to people and situations.

Clients report many benefits from energy sessions, some of which include:

•  Increased intuition, creativity, energy and happiness.
•  Greater understanding of their health and symptoms of dis-ease .
•  Improvement in health and reduction of symptoms/pain in the body.
•  Feeling lighter and relieved from past traumas and emotional pain.
•  Expansion of consciousness and personal beliefs about themselves and life.

You don’t have to be anxious or unwell to receive energy. If you are already feeling healthy and happy an energy session can support you to connect deeper to yourself and your own energy, helping you to awaken to a more magical and conscious life. Who doesn’t want that right?

“I love giving intuitive energy healings to my clients and I am always amazed at the benefits and miraculous outcomes I see in my work.” - Carrie

Disclaimer: Healing is not intended as a substitute for professional medical and/or psychiatric treatment and advice.


Other services

Kundalini and Angelic Reiki

Moon Gatherings

Meditation Circles

Past Life Past Life Regression Work

Psychic Development Workshops

Psychic and Spiritual Mentoring


0404 807 648
What days and hours do you work?
I work Saturdays through to Wednesdays. Upon request I’m also able to see clients after hours.
I also work at regular weekend psychic fairs throughout the year which I advertise on my Facebook page.  
Where are you located?
I work from my home in Mawson.
My address will be supplied at the time of your booking  
What do you charge? 
I charge $180 for the hour psychic medium session and also hour energy session.   
Do you run workshops or psychic development groups?
I run regular workshops throughout the year. For more information stay tuned to my Facebook page.  

Please don't hesitate to contact me to make a booking or for any further information on any of my services.

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